Based in my home workshop I undertake most bike related fixes, whether it's a puncture repair, a full service or most things in between. I don't consider any job too small so I'm more than happy sort out any little niggles with your bike. I offer two types of service, a Tune Up or a full strip and re-grease. I'm sorry to say however that the dark art of repairing hub gears is beyond me. If you have a brand new bike that you've bought on line and it's arrived in a flat pack I can put it together for you. If you have any questions about your bike problems please get in touch and I'll do what I can to help. 


All parts included unless stated.

  • Puncture repair    £11.00
  • Fit new tyre (exluding tyre)    £5.00  
  • Replacement brake pads (per wheel)    £7.00
  • Replace brake cable    £7.00
  • Replace gear cable    £7.00
  • Replacement outer brake/gear cable    £3.00
  • Adjust brakes    £3.00
  • Adjust gears    £5.00
  • Replace chain (from)    £10.00
  • Chainset replacement/service (replacement parts not included)    £12.50
  • Cassette/Freewheel  (replacement parts not included)    £10.00
  • Pedals fitted (exluding pedals)    £7.50
  • Headset service    £15.00
  • Hub service (per wheel)    £12.00
  • Bottom bracket service    £25.00      
Tune Up    £20.00
This is perfect for a bike that has been off the road for a while or for when the seasons change and is the most popular type of service I offer.  I clean the whole bike (including wheels), de-grease the drive chain and check the bike to ensure its in a roadworthy condition.  Drive train checked for wear and re-lubricated. Brakes and gears aligned and adjusted where necessary. Check wheels for True.  Check and tighten all bolts.  Tyres checked and inflated to correct pressure.

Full Service    £75.00
All aspects of Tune Up plus.. Brake cables replaced and set up.  Gear cables replaced and gears indexed.  Headset, chainset and hubs all stripped and re-greased.  Bottom bracket removed and serviced.