14/7/20 -  I currently have no capacity to take in any more bikes because of the ongoing saga of waiting for parts and I have limited space.
I am also fully booked for servicing and repairs until mid August.  If you have a puncture please do get in touch because that is usually something I can squeeze in but please check with me first, especially if you have a smaller wheel, just to make sure I have that tube in stock. 

Please also note that I will be  closed for all business on 30th, 31st July and 1st August.

I am a fully qualified bike mechanic (certified to Cytech Technical 2) and have been running my own bike repair business since 2015.  Lack of affordable workshop space means that I work from my home in Arbery Road E3 but this does not prevent me from offering a comprehensive range of servicing and repairs.  It does however mean that I can only work on an appointment basis, so no drop ins please.

The needs of a bike are many and varied so my price list only shows the most common fixes so please don’t be put off if the work required is not shown. Just get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to see how I can help.  Please also checkout my Facebook page where you'll see examples of the work I've done.  I also offer a bike build service for bikes bought on line that arrive in a box.


All parts included unless stated.

  • Puncture repair    £11.00
  • Fit new tyre (exluding tyre)    £5.00  
  • Replacement brake pads (per wheel)    £7.00
  • Replace brake cable    £7.00
  • Replace gear cable    £7.00
  • Replacement outer brake/gear cable    £3.00
  • Adjust brakes    £3.00
  • Adjust gears    £5.00
  • Replace chain (from)    £12.00
  • Chainset replacement/service (replacement parts not included)    £12.50
  • Cassette/Freewheel  (replacement parts not included)    £10.00
  • Pedals fitted (exluding pedals)    £7.50
  • Headset service    £15.00
  • Hub service (per wheel)    £12.00
  • Bottom bracket service    £25.00  
  • Boxed Bike Build   £15.00    
Tune Up    £20.00
This is perfect for the bike you've just hauled out of your shed or for the occasional user, its by far the most popular type of service I do.  The whole bike (including wheels) is cleaned, the drive chain de-greased and checked for wear.  Bike checked to ensure its in a roadworthy condition and re-lubricated. Brakes and gears aligned and adjusted where necessary. Wheels checked for True.  All bolts checked and tightened.  Tyres checked and inflated to correct pressure.

Full Service    £80.00
All aspects of Tune Up plus.. Brake cables replaced and set up.  Gear cables replaced and gears indexed.  Headset, chainset and hubs all stripped and re-greased.  Bottom bracket removed and serviced.

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